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    Big Things Planned for BIT Game Storage

    Big Things Planned for BIT Game Storage

    The future is bright! And we can't wait to get there. 

    When we launched BITGame Storage on Kickstarter in July of 2016, we had no idea the ride we were about to take. What we expected to be a moderate success, turned into a board game breakthrough with thousands of backers from 14 countries. The board gaming community was ready for some smart solutions when it came to board game storage. 

    The plan and the product were simple. Board game publishers want to sell their games, and one of the ways they do that is by placing a big beautiful box on the retail shelf. Unfortunately, that big beautiful box ends up wasting your valuable storage space with ridiculous inserts, unused space, and wasteful packaging. 

    Enter BIT™ Game Storage with the BIT™ Box, and the BIT™ Mobile. The Space Saving, Easy Traveling, Board Game Storage Solution

    But this is only the beginning! We have big plans in store for 2017 and beyond. 

    • International Kickstarter of BIT™ Game Storage coming SUMMER 2017
    • Expanded online distribution of BIT™ Game Storage 
    • Expanded line of BIT™ Brand board game accessories
    • Establishment of a brick and mortar retail distribution network
    • And much much more that we can't announce quite yet

    Thank you to all of our loyal customers and especially our Kickstarter backers for getting us up and running. 

    Now it's a dead sprint for the future of the board game industry.